New year, new workout wardrobe: What to wear to the gym

16th December 2018


Time to renew that gym membership…and use it. This year is the year you smash those workouts – and it all starts with the right gym kit. A good looking workout wardrobe can give you the confidence to get in there and keep going back.


The type of exercise you lean towards makes a big difference to what you wear. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best kit for whatever type of training session you’ve got planned.


What to wear to the gym

Here’s a rough guide:

  • Gymwear that supports you – Your gym kit should feel comfortable and look good, while perhaps including some high-tech features such as moisture-wicking technology and breathable materials. A fitted t-shirt or vest, sports bra for the ladies, leggings or shorts and quality trainers are the base for a good gym kit. Stick a hoodie in there too.
  • Decent trainers – The shoes you wear depend on the workout you have planned but essentially they should be comfortable and good quality. Choose running trainers that suit your feet for cardio sessions or totally flat trainers for weighted training plans.
  • Towel – Mop up after yourself when using any machines. It’s gym etiquette 101.  
  • Headphones – Keep things focused, create a banging playlist and tune everything else out. Wireless headphones let you keep your hands totally free.
  • Training gloves – These can save your hands when you’re going through a weighted workout.



Things to avoid wearing to the gym

  • Hats – A baseball cap looks good but is it necessary? Just tie long hair back to keep it out of the way.
  • Shoes that aren’t trainers – Boots, ballet pumps and heels are definite no-nos when it comes to gym gear.
  • Jeans – They’re restrictive and don’t offer any breathability.
  • Anything too oversized – When training on machines, it’s important to avoid anything too oversized so you don’t get caught up on anything.
  • Sunglasses – We don’t need to explain this one, right?


Need a little more inspiration? We’ve broken down the main gym scenarios and training types and what to wear for each one. Read on or jump to them using the links below:


Gym induction





What to wear to the gym for the first time

Just starting out and wondering what to wear for that gym induction? Here’s what you’re gonna need:


  • Clothes you feel comfortable in – It’s important you feel confident when you get in that gym and you don’t have to wear all the high-tech items you can get your hands on. An oversized t-shirt, leggings and comfy trainers are a good starting point.
  • Flat trainers – The shoes can make or break a workout. Ensure yours are flat and comfortable. You can worry about the exact type later when you’ve worked out what type of exercise you prefer or perfected your training plan.



What to wear to the gym if you’re into cardio

Into running, cycling or smashing out a workout on the elliptical? If cardio is your thing, you need the right kit. You gym gear should support you, give you a confidence boost and not hinder your workout in any way. Also, moisture wicking tech in your kit is always a bonus. Here’s what to wear:

Cardio gym gear for women

  • Sports bra – Probably the most important element, a secure sports bra keeps everything in place, even on those sprint sessions.
  • Bodysuit These babies aren’t just great with high waisted jeans, throw them on under leggings and you’ll never worry about your shirt riding up again.
  • Leggings – Comfortable, breathable leggings will keep you going whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon.
  • Runnings trainers – It’s a good idea to look into the trainer type that works for you, as we all run differently. A professional gait analysis is a good idea to reduce the chance of getting injured – some sites let you upload a video of you running and they’ll analyse it to confirm what type of shoes you need or you’ll need to find your local specialist running shop.
  • Hoodie You may feel hot straight off the treadmill but you’ll need something to wear once you’ve cooled down and the air con is on while you’re stretching out.  


Cardio gym gear for men

  • Sports t-shirt – A breathable, fitted t-shirt is best. When it comes to style choose a darker shade that keeps you looking sleek, no matter what machine you’re working out on.
  • Leggings or running shorts – Choose whatever you feel comfortable in. Or wear both for those strong professional runner vibes.  
  • Running trainers – Try out that gait analysis we mentioned earlier and ensure your shoes are supportive, breathable and look good.


What to wear to the gym if you lift weights

Weight lifting is great and while it may take a little while to perfect your form and feel confident enough to strut into the weights section and get going it’s a brilliant way of building muscle and feeling all-around badass. A weightlifting gym kit is all about support, without hindering movement. Here’s what to wear if you need inspiration when it comes to women’s and men’s gym fashion.


Weightlifting gym outfit for women

  • Vest top – Look for one with built-in support, so you don’t need to wrestle with a sports bra. A vest ensures you stay cool and your arms are free to move.
  • Leggings Do a squat test before you head in for leg day, you want these to avoid that see-through look when you bend and squat. If you can see through them, go up a size.  
  • Flat shoes – Weightlifting isn’t the time for bouncy running shoes, you need the flattest trainers you can get your hands on so your weight doesn’t shift to the balls of your feet when lifting. Skate style trainers are a popular choice with many people.
  • Fingerless gloves – Weightlifting gloves are there to protect hands and provide a little extra grip. Plus, they really make you look like you know what you’re doing.


Men’s gym fashion for weight training

  • Fitted t-shirt – You don’t have to go full bro mode in a tiny vest. A fitted t-shirt keeps things secure and still allows plenty of movement – plus it looks good.
  • Loose shorts – These are easy to wear, don’t restrict you and aren’t as revealing as leggings.
  • Flat trainers – Don’t lose balance when going deep with your squats.
  • Sports socks – Protect trainers from excess moisture and embrace true urban, athleisure style.
  • Training gloves – Ensure you don’t lose grip and protect your palms from blisters and friction burns.
  • Wireless headphones – Choose a playlist that gets you pumped.


What to wear to the gym for a yoga class

The perfect way to stretch tense muscles from putting in the cardio hours or if you’ve strained with the weights, yoga is the ideal weekend exercise. Sign up for a class and prepare to unwind, while toning at the same time. Here’s what to wear to that yoga session.


Women’s yoga gym kit

  • Onesie – We’re not talking that oversized, fluffy style with a hood that you reserve for weekends on the sofa, but instead one of our sports onesies. These all-in-one suits allow for total mobility and support when you’re stretching and bending.
  • Oversized t-shirt – If you want to cover up a little, an oversized t-shirt can easily be thrown on top of the onesie. Plus, it means if the t-shirt rides up the onesie has got your back.
  • Hoodie – For the cool down session at the end, when you get to just lie there and relax, throw this on to ensure you don’t freeze on the studio floor.
  • Yoga socks – Avoid slipping on the mat with these. They usually fit between the toes with grippy soles to ensure you feel stable whether you’re doing the downward dog or sun salutation.
  • Yoga mat – Take your own and avoid having to borrow a well-used gym one.


Men’s yoga gym kit

  • Loose long-sleeved t-shirt – You’re going to be moving slower, so a loose fit but long-sleeved t-shirt ensures you can move easily but stay warm too.
  • Shorts Less in your face as leggings but they definitely won’t restrict you when you’re trying out warrior pose.
  • Yoga mat – It doesn’t need to match your outfit or anything, just ensure it rolls up easy and is comfy to practice on.


Feeling inspired and ready to hit the gym in the New Year? Take a look at our Superdry sport ranges for men and women and round up the perfect kit to help you smash those goals.

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